Being a Parent

Not so long ago, the roles and the duties of parents were clearly defined. A certain behavior was expected and the rules we followed were reliable and time-tested. But now that you have children in the new millennium, you know that it’s a different world out there. The temptations and distractions faced by our children are nothing like the ones you grew up with, and each day feels like a challenge just to keep up.

It’s OK to ask for help.
At Associates for Psychotherapy & Education, we understand those challenges. We also know how reluctant you often feel to seek help for the problems you may be having with your children. We want you to know that asking for help is not a sign of your failure as a parent. in fact, it’s a sign that you care more than ever about your kids.

We can help reunite your family.
The problems start with a breakdown in communication. So, each of our interventions focuses on a specific family problem and provides the resources for families to start talking again. These include:

Self-esteem skills for adolescents
Play therapy techniques
Effective couples counseling
Healthy relationship skills
Divorced and blended family issues

“It was as though our therapist had been through the same problem we were facing. Our whole family felt that way and it did wonders for our communication.”

Family solutions for family problems.
The therapists at Associates for Psychotherapy & Education know all about your problems. They understand that family dynamics are a key to resolving family conflicts and to helping children and parents pass through the stages of growth. Your counseling will come from someone with the education and experience to help you.

Confidence from caring.
The graduates of our parenting programs leave armed with renewed confidence in their abilities, and with their roles as family members clearly defined. The vast resources available through Associates for Psychotherapy & Education not only make the education process faster — a few weeks is not much time for a lifetime of peace — they make the process interesting and effective from the first day of the new order in the home.

Techniques for timeless parenting.
Like the old familiar roles that parents and children used to play, the techniques you’ll learn at Associates for Psychotherapy & Education will quickly become second nature to you. For peace at home, please call us today.