Before You Get Angry, Get Smart

If you knew a better, easier way to react to a negative situation, would you use it? Or would you continue to alienate your friends and loved ones with your current behavior?

Education brings new choices and new results.
What you don’t know right now is not just hurting others, it’s also holding you back from reaching your full potential as a constructive member of society. We know, for example, that men and women often have different sources of anger. That’s why we’ve developed separate programs for men and women.

At Associates for Psychotherapy & Education, we have found the balance between what you need to know to manage your anger and what you don’t. This is counseling for your problem and yours alone, not general theories tossed out with the hope that something will work for you.

“No one ever talked to me that way before!”
This is straight talk, the kind that doesn’t beat around the bush but gets to the heart of your problem right away. And the talk is intelligent. It comes from our licensed therapists. We are experienced in the intricacies of this special problem. We’ll teach you:

How accepting responsibility can make other appreciate you more.
How to identify the sources of your anger.
Problem-solving techniques for the people and situations that upset you.
How to regain the love and trust of friends and family.

“Since my visits to Associates, I’ve noticed a difference not only in my outlook, but in the way people react to me. Now, they seem to seek out my company. That has never happened before.”

Matching the program to your need.
Our comprehensive programs focus like a laser on the source of your anger and can include sessions on:

Chronic stress
Communications breakdowns
Anxiety & worry
Parenting difficulties
Depression & fatigue
Peer pressure
Life transitions (midlife issues)
Career & financial stress

Some you love is waiting for you to make a phone call that can make the difference in your life.