No Woman is an Island

You’re a women or a mother of both and you’ve got a problem. And the problem affects everything you do. It’s hard to work, sleep, or relax because this problem eats away at you. It’s almost impossible to find someone who won’t judge and who not only understands what you’re going through, but actually has something constructive to offer.

We know. That’s why we’re here.
Life’s serious challenges require the help of an experienced, qualified counselor to help you resolve the conflicts you face. At Associates for Psychotherapy & Education, we are committed to finding the solutions to the special problems women face:

self-esteem development
trauma coping skills
sexual abuse resolutions
assertiveness training
grief resolution
depression and anxiety coping skills
divorce and relationship adjustments
parenting skills
postpartum depression
post-traumatic stress disorder

Leaning how to choose.
Growing up, we are not always taught about the long-term consequences of the choices we make
and how we really have more control over our lives than we know.

Associates for Psychotherapy & Education can teach you how to make the choices that are the steps toward achieving your goals. And we can teach you how to make those choices in a way that will positively influence the people in your life. You’ll understand that making choices is something to be embraced.

What do you want from life?
“Balance” is the buzzword we often hear these days. Balance is supposed to mean the right proportion of family or single life, work, and community involvement. And trying to achieve the elusive balance is a burden many women feel. But balance is not necessarily the same for all women. The professionals at Associates for Psychotherapy & Education can teach you how you balance — your right combination of life, work, and community — may not be the same as that of your friends and neighbors. An that’s OK.

“Until I attended one of the Associates’ programs, I never felt like I was in charge of my life. Now, I not only understand my role in life, but I can convey this to my husband in a way he understands and supports.”